Printing badges with QR Codes can be accomplished with many types of software. Conference Badge is our premier partner as it allows for an easy and simple process to customize the size, design and other information for all your badge printing needs. Follow these steps below to use the export from our Lead Retrieval tool and print badges using Conference Badge.

You will also receive 10% off when you use the following code with Conference Badge: SOCIO10XR.

1. Export QR Codes

Export the QR codes and attendee information. Learn more on that process here <link needed>. 

Important: When printing badges, you must be sure to upload all of your Attendees via the Users & Groups in the My Events of Event Apps. We also recommend you use "Invite Only" as your Privacy Setting. 

2. Create a New Event in Conference Badge

If you haven't already, create an account with Conference Badge. Once you do, you will be able to select either New Event from Excel button to get started. 

Once you start creating an event, you will need to upload your attendees list and enter some basic event information. Simply import the file from Step 1 and fill out your Event Name, Start Date, and End Date.

3. Match Columns 

You will be asked to match columns from the attendees list you are importing to Conference Badge system. Most should be left as-is with Keep this column or automatically correctly connected! 

Here are the recommended matches from the Socio exported file into Conference Badge. All of the bolded items will need to be changed manually: 

  • Unique Identifier → Keep this column
  • First Name → First name
  • Last Name → Last Name
  • Full Name → Full name
  • Email Address → Email
  • Title/Company → Company
  • QR Code → Keep this column
  • Photo → Image URL
  • Summary → Keep this column

4. Design and Customize Your Badges

You're now ready to start designing and building custom badges for your event! If you have any questions, be sure to check out the Conference Badge Documentation. Also, don't forget to get 10% by using the following code: SOCIO10XR.

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