Activating Lead Retrieval for any of your events is easy! Just follow the steps below to get started!

Activate Lead Retrieval

Starting from the home screen in the Socio Platform, follow these steps to find the activate lead for any one of your events. 

Setting up Lead Retrieval

In order to activate Lead Retrieval, you must already have an Event created and that Event must have an Exhibitors/Sponsors added to it. You will then be ready to activate Lead Retrieval Licenses for that event.

Lead Retrieval Licenses

You will need to have 1 or more licenses available in order to activate Lead Retrieval. You can get licenses by chatting with us or if a customer, by reaching out to your point of contact at Socio.


You must have an event setup and created under My Events in order to active Lead Retrieval. The event must also be a future event that has not already Completed. 

Exhibitors / Sponsors

In order to use Lead Retrieval, you will need to create an Exhibitors or Sponsors feature and add items to either one. You can wait to do this if you would like until after you active. 

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